Vaeli is a small farming town in a country far across the sea in the country of Halkir. The inhabitants lived in peace for many generations until Taurmon the Oppressor, a powerful warlord, came to Halkir and began taking control.

Vaeli is where the campaign begins.

As the Mesenger who brings the party to Halkir describes it:

Vaeli is a town in the country of Halkir, which is very far away, across the ocean. I doubt that very many people from your country have ever heard of it, let alone been there. It is a beautiful land, with rich farm country and rolling green hills. The country that Vaeli is in has a very rich history, and the people there are always telling legends about the kingdom which supposedly once existed there, which they say was very advanced, and the Princesses who ruled there had knowledge of extremely sophisticated magic.

Your country amazes me. Especially your Sorcerers, like that Merik and your own Wizard Ice. In Halkir, only females can use magic. I don’t know why. But their magic is not as powerful as yours. They can really only use it for healing and to help the crops grow.

I hope you don’t mind me saying that I very much prefer it in Vaeli. Yourland seems to be much less peaceful and full of troubles that Halkir does not have. I am afraid that my land might become like yours, where many live in fear. I am certain that Taurmorn came from there. We are a peaceful people. He surely sees my country as a place where he can easily establish his dominion.


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